Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall nails/Purples and Plums Mini nail haul

 Hey yal I bring to you a mini nail haul brought to you by  O.P.I and wet & wild I picked up colors in the same family sticking to the purple and plum shades. This fall nail colors are on the goth and edgy side which I love edgy. The first color from the Left is Russian Navy, The name says it all this is a beautiful blue with purple shimmer reflex and a hint of black too. I just love this color the formula is very rick and thick when I tried this color out I used one coat! can you believe that? I can go on about this color but I wont. haha, The next color is by wet n wild in Through the Grapevine. I have used went n wild in the past, I really did't like the formula  back then but now I can honestly say I am loving the color pay off. it puts me in mind of my magenta lipstick which I love,  The next is by O.P.I in color Miami Beet wonderful fall color I must say. It's a mate type finish but the color  puts me in mind of my  raisin lipstick. Last but not lease is wet n wild in color Disturbia and I am soo pleased with this color its a very rich purple with a foil type finish. Oh the brushes on with wet n wild are  nice I would hope that it would be a little better but your paying  1.99 and for that price this is wonderful. 

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